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Polka dots baking

Here are some tips on where to bake your own candy cane! Perfect with friends or as a company activity!

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Polar princes

In newly renovated and spacious premises, in the middle of GrÀnna, you will find Polkaprinsen.

Together with your colleagues or friends, this is a different and fun activity that you won’t soon forget!


Polka-dotted rice baguette


Polkagrisbagar’n AB is a polkagris cookery with a shop in the middle of the polkagris town of GrĂ€nna. We are located on GrĂ€nna’s main street, Brahegatan. Here we show you the traditional production of Äkta GrĂ€nna Polkagrisar.

Polka dots are produced in a variety of flavors, sizes and shapes.


Grenna Polkagriskokeri

Do you want to experience a fun and different event, perhaps a company kick-off, a bachelorette party or a children’s party?

Book our popular candy cane baking and take home your own candy canes. It is only your imagination that stops you from creating.

Or why not turn it into a competition – who makes the most beautiful stripes?