GÀstplats GrÀnna

Lite mer Àn en vanlig stÀllplats!


Here are some recommendations for those of you who want to get out into GrĂ€nna’s fantastic forests during your stay.

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Nature reserve


The GirabÀck ravine has a very diverse flora and fauna. In the past, the area was used for sandstone mining. Now it is a nice walking area.

Nature trail

Kleven’s nature trail

Kleven is located between the E4 highway and the old Riksettan. The two kilometer hike, starting from the parking lot, takes you through a slightly hilly terrain and offers breathtaking views.

Outdoor area


GrÀnnaberget offers many beautiful views of VÀttern, GrÀnna and Visingsö. An outdoor area with a coffee shop, jogging and hiking trails.

Summer idyll

Röttle village

South of GrÀnna is the village of Röttle. It is a summer idyll with two ancient mills, a waterfall and a marina.


Bathing in GrÀnna and on Visingsö

You will find many lovely places to cool off in and around GrÀnna. Dive into the crystal clear waters of Lake VÀttern or enjoy one of the magical lakes.

Castle ruin


Many have probably noticed the square ruin when passing on the E4 a few kilometers north of GrÀnna where Brahehus is located high up on the edge of GrÀnnaberget.

Ellen Key's beautiful home

Ellen Keys Beach

Ever since Ellen Key herself lived on the Strand, the place has attracted visitors. The house has been on display for those who want to know more about Ellen Key, her life and her beautiful house. Even today, the Strand is open for tours, with times adapted to the scholarship holders.