GÀstplats GrÀnna

Lite mer Àn en vanlig stÀllplats!


During your stay here in wonderful GrÀnna, it is a must to try out the activities that are available. There is something for everyone regardless of age or disability. Here is a sample of what you can do when you visit us at

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GrÀnna Padel


In our facility next to GÀstplats GrÀnna
we have four state-of-the-art padel courts.

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Hunting & Fishing

Water and forests

Are you longing to get out into the forest or perhaps a moment on one of the many lakes in GrĂ€nna’s vicinity.
So here are a few tips.

Guesthouse GrÀnna


There is a boules court for our guests at the guest site, located next to the padel courts.


Golf courses

If you are looking for new golf experiences, we have several golf courses near GrÀnna. Here are some of our favorites.

Skate park


In connection with the football pitches above the campsite, there is a multi-arena for basketball/football/house band etc. and a modern skate park.


Fitness trails & mountain biking

On the wonderful GrĂ€nnaberget there is one of Sweden’s finest mountain bike facilities. There are also several exercise trails for a run or forest walk.

Remmalagen visingsö

Braking system

Go to the VĂ€ttern’s pearl Visingsö and feel how time stops for a moment, feel the wings of history with a guided tour by horse and carriage.

Visingsö Bike Rental


One way to really experience and discover all the nooks and crannies of wonderful Visingsö is to get around by bike. Bicycles are available for rent.

Grenna Balloon & Experience

Hot air balloon ride

As a grand finale, it is perhaps time to experience GrĂ€nna and the surrounding area as GrĂ€nna’s son the hot air balloonist S.A AndrĂ©en once did.

Magical boat trips

Boat trips, food and activities in magical forests.

Experience the inspirational environment of John Bauer and the lily-filled canals that connect the Bunn, Ören and Kvarns lakes.

Take a trip to GrÀnna!

Grenna Museum

The Andrée expedition

Welcome to learn more about the Andrée expedition and the history of GrÀnna.

Polka dots baking

Make your own candy cane

If you’re looking for something memorable and fun to do, candy cane baking is the perfect activity to try.